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Monthly Membership Pricing Options:

Membership TypeMonthly RateJoining FeeTotal for 1 Year*Or Pay Upfront For

Colony Yoga
(including Sundays)

$79/month & Tax:




Specials for Students, Teachers,
and Military


 *Monthly Membership is a ACH Bank Draft on the 1st of each month.
See required paperwork  for more details.  Call Kelly for info 704-756-9245



We want to take a moment to tell you what options are available:

  1. Paying by the class: All of our classes are $15 to drop in except our Sunday Yoga with Live Music Class which is $25 by the class. 
  2. Class Cards:  We sell card packages that do not expire and you can share them with friends. 10 classes for $130 and 20 classes for $240 and 30 for $330 are our current rates.
  3. Monthly Membership:  If you love our classes and come every week this is the way to go!  You get unlimited yoga for $79/month.  This is a one year plan but if you move away from the area or run into a medical issue you can adjust the plan.  We are the ONLY STUDIO IN TOWN to offer prices this low.  We are half the rate of any other studio.

Joining Fees are waived for those coming from
Groupon, Living Social, and other first time student offers.

If you want to use a credit card you can pay for one year upfront and save 20%!


We’d love to see you at Class!

Colony Yoga

Colony Yoga is a yoga studio in Delray Beach, FL that offer daily classes, teacher training, workshops, retreats and more.
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